Make your Flint, TX home unique with reclaimed wood for walls and wood paneling

Many lumber supply companies haven't adopted sustainable practices, but H&M Interiors cares about the environment. Our eco-friendly supply company wants every home in the Flint and Whitehouse, TX areas to be both beautiful and energy-efficient, which is why we sell reclaimed wood for wall and wall panel installation projects.

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Here's what you can expect from us

Is this your first time working with reclaimed wood? You might be interested in learning about our wood reclaiming process. When it's time to reclaim old wood to sell as usable building materials, we:

  • Remove the existing paneling and any remaining nails
  • Plane the back surface until the wood is completely bare
  • Clean up the panels until they have a rustic look

We'll make sure the reclaimed wood for your walls and panels is free of cracks and imperfections. You'll be left with elegant reclaimed wood paneling that's easy to glue or nail down.

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