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H&M Interiors specializes in providing top-quality reclaimed wood boards that serve as a blank canvas for your creative projects. Whether you’re a remodeling contractor, interior designer, business owner, or homeowner, we offer a wide variety of reclaimed wood that can be transformed into virtually anything your imagination desires. As a small, family-owned business nestled in the heart of East Texas, we take great pride in offering sustainable solutions and personalized service that distinguish us from the rest.

Our Reclaimed Wood: Your Vision, Your Creations, Our Specialty

Reclaimed wood possesses a timeless beauty, history, and unique character that can’t be replicated with any other material. At H&M Interiors, we carefully source, restore, and provide reclaimed wood boards that can be the foundation of your next project. Whether you’re envisioning a rustic accent wall, crafting wall panels that tell a story, constructing a custom bench, fashioning a dining table that becomes the centerpiece of your home, or designing sturdy structural beams, our reclaimed wood is the ideal starting point. Each piece carries the rich soul of history within its grain, ready to be shaped according to your vision.

Wood Wall Panels

Premium Native Texas Pine, Roughcut Sawmill Finish, Knotted Pine for Wall Decor, 24'' Long x 4 3/4'' Wide x 5/8'' Thick






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What Sets Us Apart?



We are strong advocates of responsible sourcing and environmental responsibility. Our reclaimed wood boards offer a sustainable choice that not only adds character to your projects but also contributes to the conservation of our planet. By repurposing aged wood, we reduce the demand for fresh timber, playing our part in minimizing the environmental impact of logging.



Our team comprises dedicated experts who share a profound passion for reclaimed wood. From helping you select the perfect wood for your project to offering guidance on installation and maintenance, we're here to address all your queries and provide invaluable insights. Our experience ensures that your project is in capable hands.


Small and Family-Owned

H&M Interiors is a family-owned and operated business. Our unwavering commitment to quality, exceptional customer service, and sustainability is deeply ingrained in our values. When you choose us, you're not just acquiring wood; you're becoming a part of our extended family, joining the ranks of satisfied customers who appreciate the personal touch we bring to every interaction.


Local Delivery and Shipping

We deliver and ship all of our products to you, so there's no need to leave your house. Whether you're located in Tyler, Texas, or anywhere else in East Texas, our local delivery service ensures that our reclaimed wood boards arrive at your doorstep in a timely manner. If you're situated outside our immediate area, fret not! We offer efficient shipping services that reach you wherever you are, ensuring that the beauty of reclaimed wood is accessible to all.

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Remodeling Contractors

Our reclaimed wood boards provide a unique touch that sets your projects apart, transforming spaces into memorable works of art.

Interior Designers

We're your trusted partner in creating interiors that tell a story, combining aesthetics with sustainability for a memorable impact.

Business Owners

Make a statement with your commercial spaces. Our reclaimed wood can enhance the ambiance of restaurants, offices, shops, and more.


Your home is your sanctuary. Personalize it with our reclaimed wood to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that reflects your style.


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